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Most of the customers are confused, what kind of solar power System I need for my home? Dont Worry, we will help you to select the correct Solar model based on your budget and features, and we suggest the best model, which suits your requirements. So why late, lets get understand the Solar Power System commons Questions and Model's!!!

  • Q1: I have little budget, I need Backup for my house, when during powercuts? but I will not export back my solar usuage to grid and I need little savings as well!!
    Ans:This requirement is called offgrid model and again divided based on your budget.

    Model 1. Low budget and Low savings (Just buy Solar Panels, Solar Hybrid inverter like (Exide,Microtek, Sukam) and Solar Batteries based on your load and backup hours) (300 Watts Panel + 850VA Solar UPS + 1 Exide Solar battery) around Rs. 40,000 and your savings will be on average of 300 to 500 Per Month.

  • Q2. I have already batteries, my budget is less, but I want a Solar System
    Ans: We suggest you to buy buy Solar Panels, Solar Hybrid inverter like (Exide, Microtek, Sukam) or Solar Charge Controller and connect the Existing Batteries.
    Note: If you are having already Inverter/UPS + battery, Just buy Solar Charge Controller and Solar Panels

  • Q3. I want to more savings by Exporting my Solar to the local Electricity Dept?
    Ans: You have 2 models here  (With battery, With out battery)

    Model 1. Ongrid/Grid-Tie model means you will have solar panels and Solar grid tie inverter only(No batteries), excess generation from solar will be sent back to grid via netmetering. usually 1 kW cost up to Rs 80,000 to 1,25,000, the ROI is usually 5-7 years and every month for 1KW Solar System saving approximately 150 Units, i.,e Rs 1200 - 1500 Recommended Only For Locations Where State Net-Metering Policy Is Applicable. Net-Metering
    Can Reduce Electricity Bills By Upto 90% Depending On Daily Energy Consumption

    Things you should know
    1. This System Operates Only When Mains Power Supply Is Available. During Power Cuts, System Trips to Solar Power.
    2. Batteries Cannot Be Added To This System. If Backup Is Required A Separate Inverter Backup System Must Be Purchased.
    3. Prior Net Metering, Approval Must Be Taken From Local Electricity Office. Powerwale help you on this process.

    Model 2. Offgrid(Hybrid+Net Metering) models  Consist of (Solar Panels + Solar Inverter + Solar Battery), allows you to export back to the gird, and use this during powercuts, 1KW can cost up to Rs 2,00,000 to 3,00,000, the ROI is usually 15 years+

  • Q4: Im looking for Solar Water heater, Pls suggest

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