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Exide Solatron 6Sgl150 Gel Batteries

Exide Solatron 6Sgl150 Gel Batteries
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  • 12V ,150AH@C10 rate of discharge to10.80volt per battery at 27 deg C
  • 60 Months Warranty
  • Tubular GEL VRLA Solar Battery
  • India Wide support
  • Solatron SGL







  • -Superior price advantage compared to traditional Gel technology
  • -High cycle life for service battery applications
  • -High cranking current for starting and winch applications
  • -Sealed, maintenance free construction
  • -Not susceptible to thermal runaway like traditional AGM technology
  • -Tolerate wide range of charging voltages
  • -Very low self discharge—can be left for long periods without charging
  • -Terminal voltage remains high under load
  • Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Completely Sealed Design
  • Gas Recombination
  • High Discharge Ability
  • Super High Capacity
  • Long life cycle
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Wide temperature range
  • Powerful recover ability


Brand  Exide
Battery Model  6SGL150 Tubular GEL VRLA Solar Battery
Battery Voltage (V)  12
Battery Type  Tubular - VRLA solar power storage gel battery
Capacity  100 AH
Warranty  60 Months
Desired Life  7-8 Years Plus
Technology  TORR Tubular
Sealed Type:  Sealed
Usuage:  Solar Power System
 Maintenance Type  Free
10 HR (C10) - 1.75 V Cell  150
10 HR (C20) - 1.75 V Cell  165
Length  533
Width  250
Height  240
Charged Weight  64
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Q:   Exide Solatron 6Sgl150 Gel Batteries are suitable to use with hybrid solar inverter? for bulk quantity order any discount is available?

Powerwale Answer

Q:   Dear sir/madam, Myself Newton Joshua, from Powai. I want Quotation mention below for my Boat House. I want Battery Soiatron Exide 200 AK - Solar Panel 250w Inverter - 5kv & 10kv Battery Solar 200w Kindly assist me. Thank you, Newton Joshua.

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