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Luminous Zelio 1100Va + Luminous 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery Combo Offer

Luminous Zelio 1100Va + Luminous 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery  Combo Offer
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  • Luminous Zelio 1100va+ Home UPS Inverter
  • Pure Sinewave UPS -
  • UPS 2 Years warranty.
  • Luminous 150AH Tall Tubular Battery
  • ILTT18048N
  • Battery 60 Months Warranty (36 Months FOC + 24Months Prorata)

Zelio, Home UPS provides grid like supply in case of power failure. Packed with various advanced features, the Zelio range is the ideal choice for a reliable power back- up solution within the urban space.



18 Watts CLF 18
40 Watt Tube Light, 4 Feet Long 40
Celling Fan, 48' Sweep 75
TV 21", standard 100
Refrigerator, 165 Ltrs, Standard,(Inverter Tech) 120
Personal Computer 250


Load and Backup
Home Appliances Watts Back Up in Hrs
1 Tube light + 1 Fan 120 12-15
1 Tube light + 1 Fan + 1 TV 220  6-8
2 Tube lights + 2 Fans + 1 TV 340  4-5
2 Tubelight + 2 Fan + 1 TV + 3 CFL 394  3-4
3 Tube lights + 2 Fans + 1 PC 530  2-3
4 Tube lights + 4 Fans + 1 TV 580  2-3
2 Tubelight + 4 Fan + 1 PC + 3 CFL 704  2-2.45




 Key Feature Power Backup display time in Hours & Minutes
For Running appliances Lights, Bulbs, Fans, Refrigerator, Washing Machine 
Color Black
Battery Support All Brands & All Types (Flat, Tubular, SMF)
Battery System Single battery
Weight 10 Kg.


Technical Details

 Wave Type Sine Wave
Under voltage (eco mode) 110 V
Over voltage (eco mode) 285 V
UPS Mode voltage window 180V – 230 V
Full battery Recharge Time 10-12 Hrs
Protection Equipped with overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB.


Luminous ILTT 18048N Description

Luminous Tall Tubular Batteries have unique patented alloy composition, which protects the lead part of battery from corrosion. It has void free, uniform grain structure, which ensures consistent high quality performance. These batteries not only charge faster, they last much longer as well. This reduces electricity consumption, which in turn increases financial savings. What's more, their unique design makes them extremely strong, so they withstand longer power cuts.


  • Manufactured using HADI High pressure casting machine, which helps to maintain void free, uniform grain structure
  • Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition ensures longer battery service life
  • Tubular plate construction ensures uniform distribution of positive active material for extremely long life and superior performance
  • Highly puncture-resistant DARAMIC-USA separator minimizes the possibility of internal short circuits
  • Balanced plate design for improved charge acceptance & excellent deep discharge recovery
  • Inter partition connection ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent charge acceptance
  • Designed to have a life of over 1250 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) - Suitable for areas frequent power cuts
  • Protects the lead part of battery from corrosion, even in case of high voltage
  • Extremely long life and superior performance
  • Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet


Backup time


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


2 hrs 10 mint

3 hrs

4 hrs 30 mints

7 hrs 30 mints

18 hrs 30 mint



Technical details

Dry Weight

Filled Weight

Overall Dimensions of Containers (mm)

Boost Charging

Trickle Mode Charging



Length (+/-3) mm

Width (+/-3) mm

Height (+/-3) mm

Starting rate (Amp)

Finishing rate (Amp)

Min.  (mA)

Max (mA)










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vitthal munankar

Q:   Dear sir how to pursches this product with credit card card after installed any problem who is repair in warrnty priod. plz help me. thank you.

Powerwale Answer
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