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Exide Inverter Battery

Buy Exide Inverter Battery Online

Exide Industries and Exide Automotive are the leaders in the supplying the inverter batteries across all over the India. Exide Inverter batteries are far Superior, reliable and Can with stand in high temperatures. All Exide Inverter batteries comes with factory charged and easy to maintain the battery.

India's biggest battery brand also has the widest variety of UPS and inverter batteries. Exide understands that different users in India have different needs, and that is why, no matter what you want, Exide has a battery for you. It has value for money inverter batteries for those of you who rarely have power cuts. It has heavy duty, tubular batteries for those of you who have to sit through those long, and never ending power cuts. And then there is also a whole gamut of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries for Online UPS systems as well as line interactive computer UPS systems. You simply cannot go wrong with an Exide.

Usually Lead acid batteries, designed for Inverter applications are required to ensure the availability of Uninterrupted and regulated power supply during mains failure or dip in Input Voltage. Incase of warranty and support issue, you can call Exide Help line : 1800 103 5454. Powerwale has a whole range of Exide Invatubular,  Invamaster,  Tubemaster, Invaplus and Instabrite for you when you buy online Exide Inverter battery. We offer all Exide Inverter batteries at some of the BEST prices and promise to deliver your battery within 2-4 hours of order placement. 
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Exide EL Master Tubular 150AH Battery
36 Months  Warranty
Exide Gel Magic 1500 150AH Battery
48 Months  Warranty
Exide Invatall 2000 Tall Tubular 200Ah battery
36 Months  Warranty
Exide Invatall 1500 Tall Battery
36 Months  Warranty

Before buying Exide Inverter battery online, you should know

Choosing an inverter battery can be difficult for those of us who do not know what capacity and what type of battery to buy. A higher capacity battery will give a longer back-up time, but, at the same time, it will be more expensive than a lower capacity battery and take longer to charge. A battery carrying a longer warranty period will also be priced above batteries with lower warranties. So if you are looking for the perfect Exide inverter battery, log on to where we have a power calculator that lets you find the perfect capacity battery for your needs. You will also find all the information you need to make your decision all that much easier.

  • 1. What is my Inverter/ups watts/va and wht is my UPS/Inverter Voltage?
  • 2. How much backup time is required for my house  that includes your load details like 3 fans + 2 Tube lights + 1 TV, etc during the Power cuts
    Once you got the above answers for the above question, you should ask inverter battery supplier, what is the pro-rata warranty for the Inverter Battery. wht is the life cylce of the battery, Price, Support and so on.
Powerwale has a whole range of Exide inverter batteries for you. We offer all Exide batteries at some of the LOWEST prices and promise to deliver your battery within 2-4 hours of order placement in Bangalore. All Exide inverter batteries are 100% genuine and come with the manufacturer's warranty.

Powerwale has a range of high quality Inverter batteries from Exide to suit your needs. You can pay using credit card, debit card, net banking and EMI. So if you are looking for the Buy Exide Inverter battery online at best price, log on to You will also find all the information you need to make your decision all that much easier.