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Luminous UPS

Bangalore and Delhi cities has recorded highest UPS sales in India and Luminous is the fastest growing Company for the UPS product range. It offers Oncall support and Onsite warranty for all the UPS Products.Most of the UPS Comes with 2 Years Warranty
UPS Product Ranges includes Home & Office UPS. All the Luminous UPS Prices are shown very reasonable and comptetive. We offer 1-2 hours Free installation & Free delivery currently in Bangalore and Delhi. The best selling products for home are Zelio 1100VA and Cruze (2KVA to 10KVA) for Large Homes and offices.
Pls note, while buying UPS, pls calculate your Load requirements, Backup requirement for your Inverer battery and consider the Voltage required(12V,24V-144V) and also ensure that you have your UPS Wiring Done for Home and office, Sinewave UPS protects Electronic devices, So all this needs to be consider before buying the UPS.

If you are not aware of all those considerations and you need a help or assistance, not a issue, Powerwale UPS Advisor will help you.. So Pls call Powerwale

Buy Luminous UPS

Luminous UPS widest range includes offline/Standby, Line Interactive, Online UPS Systems and has the energy efficient protect the sensitive Devices from Power failures, Protects from voltage fluctuations, Outages & electrical distrubances and it reduces electricity consumption and this products are the superior quality Luminous On-Line UPS System