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Power cuts are frequent in India, Before you buy online pls look out this key things like battery life, battery maintenance, warranty terms, Easy Replacement and we supply India's Best Brands like Exide, Luminous, Amaron, Microtek, APC, etc . Prefers Exide all over the other brands, as the warranty and replacement during the claims are fast and reliable batteries. Looking for Zero Maintenance battery, NO AMC, Fit & Forgot, we suggest look out for Maintenance free Gel Exide battery 150AH for your inverter or ups - Exide or Lead acid Exide 150AH batteries

During those trying times of a power cut, your comfort is likely to be only as good as your inverter battery. The better, fresher and newer your inverter battery is, the happier you will be. So if you think it is time to get a new battery, or if your old battery is giving you trouble, simply log on to and choose from a wide variety of inverter batteries.

Inverter Battery Prices in Bangalore
Inverter Battery Model Prices Price
Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 150AH Battery ₹14000
Luminous Shakti Charge SC18054 150AH Smart Tall Tubular Battery ₹10000
Luminous Life Max LM18075 150AH Tall Tubular Battery 75 Months Warranty ₹13850
Luminous Shakti Charge SC16054 135AH Smart Tall Tubular Battery ₹10000
Exide InvaRed IR500+ Tubular 150AH Battery ₹10900
Exide InvaRed IR100+ Tubular 100AH Battery ₹7490
Exide Invaplus IPT1500 150Ah Inverter Battery ₹10700
Exide Invaplus IPT1000 100Ah Inverter Battery ₹8200
Luminous Inverlast ILTT 18000N 150AH Battery ₹10900
Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 150 AH GEL Battery ₹16700

Buy Inverter Battery Online at Powerwale

India's number one Store, offers a wide range of Inverter batteries and is committed to the best customer service. You now have the opportunity to avoid the crowded shops by choosing and buying high quality goods over the internet. Enjoy fast shipping as well as cash on delivery and EMI. In the pages of there is more choice than you will have in the biggest city shop. We offer many brands of different line from over six well-known brands.


  • Tall Tubular Batteries: are most consistent, reliable in terms backup compare to flat plate, and it can give more power, efficiency increasing overall battery life.
  • Flat Pate: are cheaper than Tubular batteries, but as expected the life of battery is lesser than the Tubular Battery and overall cycles are compare to Tubular battery


If you are looking for Inverter batteries, this is the right place to view all, sit back and relax, we will show all the Inverter batteries based on your needs. You can simply choose the backup for needs, UPS, electrical converter Amps, with battery voltage and you will results based on your requirements. we have extensive catalog of Inverter batteries listed on the website and pick out a few of your choice. Once this process is complete, you can move on to checking the specifications in more detail. Once you have selected the right make and model for yourself, you can move on to placing the order for your inverter batteries . This is easily accomplished in the order placement page, where you will be required to enter details such as the delivery address, contact number and a valid email ID. This is to help the Home Delivery process occur smoothly without a hitch. Once this has been done, you can select the mode of payment by choosing to pay by EMI, Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking when you buy online . This is to ensure convenience to you as the customer. You can also go in for Cash on Delivery if you so choose it. All transactions on Powerwale are safe and secure.

When you buy an inverter battery from, we ensure that it reaches you on-time and is installed in as little as 2 hours. So order away!

Inverter Battery Buying Guide

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Inverter Battery online
Top 10 Best Selling Inverter Batteries 2018 Models
1. Exide - 48 Months Warranty Exide Gel Magic 1500 150AH Battery (48 Months Free Replacement)
2. Exide - 42 Months Warranty Exide Inva Tubular IT 500 150AH Battery   (42 Months Free Replacement)
3. Exide - 36 Months Warranty Exide Instabrite IB1500 150AH Inverter Battery (18 Months Free Replacement + 18 Months Prorata)
4. Exide - 42 Months Warranty Exide InvaTubular IT 750 200AH Inverter Battery (42 Months Free Replacement)
5. Luminous - 60 Months warranty Luminous 200Ah Tubular Battery ILTT 25060 (36 Months Free Replacement + 24 Months Prorata)
6. Amaron - 48 Months Warranty Amaron 12v 150AH CRTT150 Tubular Inverter UPS Battery (36 Months Free Replacement + 12 Months Prorata)
7. Luminous - 60 Months warranty Luminous 12v 150AH Tubular Battery ILTT18048N  (36 Months Free Replacement + 24 Months Prorata)
8. Exide - 36 Months Warranty Exide InvaMaster IMTT1500 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery (36 Months Free Replacement)
9. Luminous - 36 Months Warranty Luminous Tez Inverlife TSTT 1836 150AH Tall Tubular battery (18 Months Free Replacement + 18 Months Prorata)
10. Exide - 36 Months Warranty Exide Instabrite Ib1000 12v 100ah Inverter Battery (18 Months Free Replacement + 18 Months Prorata)


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