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All the product sold in our website are brand new and factory sealed items and will be under manufacturer warranty as per the manufacturer's terms and condtions. In case of any issues, from the day one of the purchase, buyer needs to contact manufacturer's authorised service centre / Call centre for support. Please place the order only if you are comfortable with manufacturer warranty.

Product Warranty:

Powerwale offers wide range of batteries, Inverters, UPS, range of Brands from the Trusted Vendors ONLY. Incase of defective items, you need to contact the Manufacturer directly, as We Provide Orginal Bill + Guarntee Card, So that you can claim with Manufacturer and as Manufacturer can replace or exchange of the items will based on Warranty/guarntee cards conditions.

However Manufacturer Warranty does not cover under following conditions :

  • Battery blast: The battery blasted due to some reasons.
  • Buldge batteries: The container is bulge and the battery is not giving required back-up and fails on load.
  • Pos or Neg pole damaged: Any of the poles damaged or melted.
  • Container damaged: This happens due to mishandling of the battery.
  • Battery deep discharged / plates sulphated: The batteries having 1.100 gravity and terminal voltage below 8 volts.Such batteries will not respond to re-charging for 3/4 days.
  • Wrong fitment: The batteries not fitted as per the application chart or an under capacity battery is fitted.
  • Batteries without warranty cards and sale bill copy
  • Corrections on warranty cards/sale bill.
  • Electrolyte contamination & plate shedding: This can happen when the top-up of the batteries are not done with distilled water.
  • Batteries having high gravity acid: This can happen when the batteries are over charged or the top-up is done with acid instead of distilled water.
  • Batteries transffered to third party or any other vehicle
  • Battery out of warranty period.