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Amaron created a flutter in the Indian car battery market with the introduction of maintenance free batteries. Not only were these batteries inexpensive, they also required no maintenance and offered the longest warranty of all Indian manufacturers. Today, Amaron is synonymous with very high quality and value for money car batteries. Its partnerships with several major foreign companies has ensured that it stays on top of the technology ladder and brings to you the latest and the best of car batteries and other products at competitive prices. It is, therefore, no surprise that Amaron has quickly become one of the largest battery manufacturers in India.

Amaron car batteries are known to be reliable and long lasting. The batteries come in a variety of capacities for almost every car make and model available on the market today. All Amaron car batteries are maintenance free and are made from high quality materials so that when you buy an Amaron car battery you are assured of complete peace of mind. You just cannot go wrong with these famous green and black batteries.


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Amaron Car battery Price in India

Amaron Car battery Models Price
Amaron AAM-GO-00095D26R 65AH Battery ₹4799
Amaron Black AAM-BL-OBL700RMF 65Ah Battery ₹4500
Amaron AAM-GO-00095D26L 65AH ₹4799
Amaron 35AH Battery AAM-FL-00042B20R ₹3375
Amaron AAM-FL-00042B20L Hi Life 35AH Battery ₹3375
Amaron AAM-FL-0BH45D20L 45AH Battery ₹4499
Amaron AAM-FL-OBH90D23L 68AH Battery ₹4599
Amaron AAM-FL-566112060 60AH Battery ₹5200
Amaron 65AH Battery AAM-FL-565106590 ₹5199
Amaron AAM-PR-574102069 74AH Battery ₹7950
AmaronAAM-PR-0055B24LS 45AH Battery ₹5399
Amaron AAM-FL-0BH40B20L 35AH Battery ₹3425
Amaron 45Ah Battery AAM-FL-545106036 ₹4099
Amaron 50 Ah Battery AAM-FL-550114042 ₹4499
Amaron Black 35AH Battery AAM-BL-0BL400LMF ₹3200
Amaron AAM-HW-NT650H29R 90AH Battery ₹5230
Amaron AAM-HW-NT700H29R 100AH Battery ₹6000
Amaron AAM-HW-HC700E41R 100AH Battery ₹6470
Amaron AAM-HW-HC800F51R 130 Ah Battery ₹7935
Amaron AAM-HW-NT800D04R 130 Ah Battery ₹9750
Amaron AAM-HW-HC180D04R 180Ah Battery ₹11590
Amaron AAM-HW-NTX00D04R 150Ah Battery ₹11200
Amaron AAM-GO-000135D31R 90AH Battery ₹5599
Amaron AAM-FL-555112054R 55AH Battery ₹5299
Amaron AAM-FL-580112073 80AH Battery ₹8099
AmaronAAM-PR-600109087 100AH Battery ₹13480
Amaron Fresh 35Ah Battery Aam-FR400RMF ₹2800
Amaron 85Ah AAM-GO-00105D31R Battery ₹5100
Amaron 85AH Battery AAM-GO-00105D31L ₹5175
Amaron 80AH Hi-Way AAM-HW-HC620D31R Battery ₹4817
Amaron AAM-FL-00080D23L 55AH Battery ₹4499
Amaron 68AH Battery AAM-GO-OBH90D23L ₹4850
Amaron 35AH Battery AAM-PR-00050B20R ₹3875
AmaronAAM-GO-00038B20R 35AH Battery ₹3170
Amaron Fresh AAM-FR-OFR650RMF 65Ah Battery ₹4350
Amaron 65AH AAM GO 565106590 Battery ₹5175
Amaron 35AH Battery AAM-PR-00050B20L ₹3875
Amaron 35AH AAM-GO-038B20L Battery ₹3175
Amaron Fresh 35Ah battery AAM-FR-OFR400LMF ₹3151
Amaron 50Ah Battery AAM-FL-550113042 ₹5240
Amaron AAM-BL-0BL600RMF -60AH Battery ₹4097
Amaron AAM-GO-565106590 60AH Battery ₹5199
Amaron AAM-FL-555112054 55AH ₹5199

*Prices are after exchange of old battery

Amaron Customer Care:
For any help in case of an Amaron battery, all you need to do is call the AMCARE toll free number 1800 4254848. AMCARE will help you find the nearest Amaron pitstop for any service related issues. In addition, Amaron has also set up mobile services at all locations to help you out in case of any problems.