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We are selling the car batteries since 3 decades and we are expert in this field, we offer very reasonable and best price, We deal only Exide,Amaron, SF Sonic brands. If you Interested to buy Car battery replacement, Pls select the Car brand to find the correct battery for your car

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Find the perfect car batteries replacement for your car, we have more than 208 items in our database and which includes Chevrolet Beat Diesel Swift Diesel Maruti Ritz Diesel Maruti Alto Battery Ford Eco Sport Fiat Punto Ford Figo Diesel Honda Brio Petrol Honda Amaze Diesel Honda City Petrol Honda City Diesel Mahindra Xylo Diesel Mahindra Scorpio Diesel Wagon R Battery Maruti Swift Battery - Diesel Battery Maruti Ertiga Diesel Battery Hyundai Grand I10. Diesel Hyundai I10 Petrol Battery Hyundai I20 Diesel Battery Hyundai I20 Petrol Toyota Innova Diesel Nissan Sunny 1.5L Diesel Nissan Terrano Diesel Renault Duster-Hp Diesel Volkswagen Vento 1.6L Volkswagen Polo 1.2L and many more including Diesel, LPG, Petrol, CNG,etc.

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vehicle battery contain lead, lead dioxide, sulphuric acid and water. A solution with approximately 35% sulphuric acid and 65% water, called electrolyte, interacts with metal plates inside the battery to produce approximately 12 volts of electricity.

Lead acid vehicle battery are known as starting or cranking batteries. They are designed to deliver quick bursts of energy such as that needed to start engines. Modern cars starter motors are far more efficient than they were on older vehicles and therefore require smaller batteries to power them.

A charger (alternator) powered by the engine is required to recharge the battery. It is very important that the alternators regulator (controlling the charge going to the battery) is working correctly. Battery failure is one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdown. There is usually little or no warning, before a car battery fails. This is why, as it ages, make sure that your battery is checked regularly is essential. At, we offer a wide range of car batteries across our network of Service Centers and also You can buy online that best suit your requirements from e-commerce websites like Powerwale. You can choose from best brands like Exide and So on. You can conveniently buy online as powerwale offers you easy and safe payment options like cash on delivery, credit card and net banking and also We offer FREE Delivery and FREE Installation. All batteries fitted by experienced and trusted technicians with latest equipments & tools

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Exide battery ranks No.1 in India based on the following Parameters
  • 1. Best Suitable batteries for Hot temperatures, Most of the customers prefer Exide Brand, excellent reputation in the market, extremely well reliable, Good Customer reviews
  • 2. Wide Area support Network after Sales
  • 3. Specially Design for Indian Conditions
  • 4. Hassle free Warranty Replacement
  • 5. Extra thick and Solid Plates, Rigid and Long lasting and give more battery life, compare to Other batteries
  • 6. Very Old and Stable company, and Leading Automotive Battery Manufacturer
  • 7. Eight out of every 10 new cars in India roll out with Exide
  • 8. Exide is the only brand that offers a battery for every type of vehicle on Indian roads.
  • 9. Exide BATMOBILE, an emergency on-road service for any 4-wheeler with a battery problem Just dial the toll free number - 1800-103-5454
  • 10. and More value for your money

How to Select a Car battery

There are several factors to consider while choosing the best car battery in India Some key considerations include:
  • Compatibility: Make sure the battery is compatible with your make and model of vehicle
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): This is a measure of battery cranking power, and it's important to choose a battery with the correct CCA rating for your vehicle
  • Reserve Capacity: This is a measure of the battery's ability to hold power when the vehicle is not being driven, it is important to choose a battery with a reserve capacity suitable for your needs
  • Warranty: Consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer, as a longer warranty period can give you more peace of mind and ensure that you are covered if something goes wrong with your battery
  • Brand Reputation: Look for a trusted brand with a proven track record of producing high quality batteries
  • There are many reliable car battery brands in India including Amaron, Exide and SF Sonic It is generally recommended to choose batteries from reputable brands that have a solid reputation for producing reliable and high quality products It's also helpful to read reviews online and ask a friend or mechanic for advice before buying.

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You can click the car brand icon and it will fetch the perfect product for you based on your vehicle details. If your vehicle type is not listed here, pls call our hotline number 0For Ordering 8748806666 and Product Enquiries, Pls call +91 8748806666 tell us your car make and car model, we will certainly help you. Powerwale offers you a wide range of shopping.

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