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Inverter/UPS FAQs
Are you looking for a Inverter, ups for home or office? Check out wide range of ups from LivFast, Luminous, Exide, Microtek, Sukam and more.

Investing in a good inverter or home UPS will not only help make those horrendous summer power cuts bearable, it will also save you a lot of money and unnecessary headaches. The right ups for home can help bring down electricity bills, protect your appliances and also charge the battery faster for the next power cut. Our Best Range of Inverters is suitable for small power needs to big Industries.

For Home: (650VA to 2 KVA)

Ideal Examples are 1/2/3 BHK house that wants to run Regular Loads like fans, lights, TV, Router, Mixe, Computer,etc or a similar small office with similar electrical appliances

For Big Homes and Business: (2.5KVA to 10 KVA)

Ideal Examples are 3/4 BHK, Villa house that wants to run Food Processors, AC, Laser Printers, Refigerators, Music Loud Systems, in addition to the Regular Load

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Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 1125VA

Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 1125VA

₹ 5,850.00

  • Capacity: 1125.0

AMARON H HB950A 12V AAM-HU-HB0000950

₹ 5,550.00

  • Capacity: 950.0
Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 1125VA Pure Sine Wave UPS

Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 1125VA Pure Sine Wave

₹ 7,050.00

  • Capacity: 1125.0
Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 1625VA UPS

Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 1625VA

₹ 8,250.00

  • Capacity: 1625.0
Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 900VA UPS

Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 900VA

₹ 5,250.00

  • Capacity: 900.0
Exide InverterZ GQP 1625VA 24V UPS

Exide InverterZ GQP 1625VA 24V

₹ 9,500.00

  • Capacity: 1625.0
Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 700VA UPS

Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 700VA

₹ 6,100.00

  • Capacity: 900.0
Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 900VA UPS

Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 900VA

₹ 6,250.00

  • Capacity: 900.0
Exide InverterZ gqp 12V 1050VA UPS

Exide InverterZ gqp 12V 1050VA

₹ 7,350.00

  • Capacity: 1050.0
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Inverter/UPS FAQs
Before buying the UPS, Pls look for the below features, which are critical
  • Total Load: The total power draw (in Watts) of all equipment connected to the UPS. Always add 10-20% buffer
  • Runtime/Backup: The number of minutes/hrs the UPS will be required to power your equipment in the event of a power outage.
  • Phase: the load to be protected
    • Single-phase power includes a single AC waveform, making single-phase equipment ideal for lower power density applications with per-rack power consumption levels up to approximately up to 5KVA.
    • Three-phase power includes 3 AC waveforms, making 3-phase equipment better suited for intermediate and high-capacity applications more than 10KVA with per-rack power consumption levels that surpass the practical energy limits of single-phase equipment. Three phase UPS are more compatible with a three phase DG set and these UPS systems can also be used to feed single phase loads, and with good load balancing, the DG does not need to be oversized.
  • Topology:
    • Inverter/Home UPS : For running fans, tube lights, computers and TVs. Meant up to 2KVA
    • Line interactive UPS: For running individual computers, small office, web and departmental servers and/or harsh power environments, Meant up to 5KVA
    • Online UPS: Zero switch over time. Ideal for sensitive equipment, protection to mission critical equipment and servers at data centers
  • Waveform output type:
    • Square wave: Ideal for running fans and tube lights. Makes humming noise.
    • Modified sine wave: No noise. Safer than square wave for running appliances.
    • Pure sine wave: Same as mains power. Safe to run any appliance
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