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UPS Battery

SMF VRLA batteries are most critical power source of Line interactive or Online topology UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) systems. Since the applications are very sensitive and the Insfracstructure segment demands a 24X7 uptime for servers, mission critical applications, these VRLA batteries have to be a high quality product to suit the continous power failures. Presenting Powerwale VRLA batteries, guranteed to provide you uninterrupted standby power, designed to withstand Deep Discharge, Overcharge and Shocks.

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SMF batteries: As the name suggests, SMF Batteries are completely sealed batteries and don't require any maintenance. While these batteries come in a wide variety of capacities, they are recommended if you want to simply install and forget about the battery. Also, since SMF batteries come in a variety of capacities ranging from very low to high, the smaller varieties are recommended if you need backup for only a few minutes.

- Come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Recommended if backup required is only for a few minutes since these batteries come in capacities as low as 7 AH.
- Install and forget. No maintenance required.
- Can be placed in any orientation except upside down. Saves space.
- Do not emit fumes. Only batteries recommended for indoor use and for only Online UPS (Meant for Critical Servers, Mission Critical Application, NOT for home use)

- Expensive
- Might have a shorter life span than the much cheaper tubular batteries
- Recommended for areas that do not have frequent or long power cuts

You need to consider 4 factors before buying the new ups battery online

  • AH Rating: The more AH you go, you will have more battery backup for the UPS, and discharge will be slow
  • Type: VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) or SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) batteries are generally divided into two groups, Gell Batteries and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. VRLA batteries are spill proof, so they can be used in semi-enclosed areas, are totally maintenance free, and have a longer shelf life. Greatest Advantage over conventional batteries are No AMC required and in the longrun, this are cheaper batteries
  • Freshness: The AGM and gel batteries that can be stored up to 12 months before the State-of-Charge drops below 80%.
  • Warranty:Looking for long warranty, is always better

We stock a in a warehouse all range of ups batteries, Maitenance Free, online and offline, SLA, SMF, External, Internal, VRLA ups batteries from brand names such as Exide, APC Amaron, ACDelco ups Batteries. All Replacement batteries are tested before the delivery to the customers Powerwale offers the most best prices and absolutely free delivery of your order. We Provide all the replacement ups batteries the orginal VAT Bill, Warranty Card, with Best price

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