Exide UPS

Exide Manufactures both of high end (Commercial heavy duty loads (AC, freezers, lifts etc.), Lower KVA models(Sensitive electronics (home theatre etc.), motor loads, PC, TV, Fans. All the UpS are manufacturied at Roorkee. Unique feature of Exide UPS gives the right charging for your batteries ensuring longer life and less topping up for your batteries. India's largest and most trusted battery brand has the inverter and home UPS segment. Exide home UPS systems, backed by Exide's massive, India-wide dealer network, and top notch quality are high on the technology quotient.

All Exide Home ups has 3 charging selection modes, like Normal charging mode should be used when the powercut is one hour or less during this time the charging of ups would be up to 10.5 amps, If you have frequent power cuts, then Enhanced charging mode can be used and this will give charging up to 12.5 amps, High charging mode is used during the long power cut and battery charging will up to 14.5 amps All Exide UPS consists of User friendly LCD display and Smart charging display LCD display shows actual connected load in Percentage, shows AC mains Input voltage to monitor low and high voltage and Topology: is used for Offline/Standby only. Exide UPSS All inverter/UPS systems manufactured by Exide are 100% pure sine wave, which means that there is no risk of your appliances getting damaged. The Exide inverters also come with an electrolyte level indicator that tells you when the connected battery requires water topping. Pair these inverters with Exide's award winning range of batteries and put your mind at ease..

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Exide UPS comes with Quasi Sine Wave Home UPS, high end DSP based Pure SINE WAVE Home UPS features Exide offer various models which from , EXIDE UPS 2.5 KVA, 3.5KVA, 5.2KVA, 7.5 KVA, 10 KVA and 12 KVA Buy Exide UPS online from our website at the most slashed down prices. Avail huge discounts by paying the lowest possible prices as compared to the rest of the market and get to save big amounts on your each purchase If Customers are having any issues with Exide UPS, they can reach theToll Free Hotline.

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All Exide inverters and home UPS systems sold at Powerwale.com are 100% genuine and come with the manufacturer's warranty.

Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 900VA UPS

InverterZ STAR 12V 900VA UPS

42 Months  Warranty

₹ 5,250.00
Exide InverterZ STAR 12V 1625VA UPS

InverterZ STAR 12V 1625VA UPS

42 Months  Warranty

₹ 8,250.00
Exide InverterZ GQP 1625VA 24V UPS

InverterZ GQP 1625VA 24V UPS

42 Months  Warranty

₹ 9,500.00
Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 700VA UPS

InverterZ GQP 12V 700VA UPS

42 Months  Warranty

₹ 6,100.00
Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 900VA UPS

InverterZ GQP 12V 900VA UPS

42 Months  Warranty

₹ 6,250.00
Exide InverterZ GQP 12V 1125VA Pure Sine Wave UPS

InverterZ GQP 12V 1125VA Pure Sine Wave UPS

42 Months  Warranty

₹ 7,050.00
Exide InverterZ Magic 12V 1050VA Square Wave

InverterZ Magic 12V 1050VA Square Wave

24 Months  Warranty

₹ 6,800.00
Exide InverterZ Magic 12V 625VA

InverterZ Magic 12V 625VA

24 Months  Warranty

₹ 6,000.00
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