Inverter Battery Trolley

Inverter Trolleys can be used to store or hidden the batteries and can be stacked in vertical or horizontal in order to reduce storage space. Battery can be kept inside the trolley and Inverter or Luminous Ups or Exide, Microtek,etc can be placed on the top. Trolley will be delivered when only, during the delivery of Inverter battery combo . For Bangalore. Contact at: +91-7090958159

Buy Inverter Battery Trolley

It is Safe and important to keep inverter battery in a trolley protect yourself against leakage of Lead acid from Inverter batteries and Fumes. Choose from Powerwale range of trolleys that are made from highest quality plastic and are suitable for all conditions.
They Keys features of Trolley are:

It is used for reducing storage space and preventing exposing the battery to open air. Ultra Durable, Super Compatible, Easy to Assemble, sturdy design
protects the floor, with an acid or distill water spillage from overflow etc. Top Notch Build, Extra Durable, ABS Plastic to avoid rust, Head Turner, Proper Ventialation of Distilled water topping, Space Saving screw less battery trolley
Made from High grade Plastic Material, Works with all type of batteries including, Flate and Tall tubular,
Wheels premium Quality A Perfect Match of looks with the Inverter battery Set

Trolley helps to protect from Shocks and Safety for Children. It has wheels for easy mobility.
Battery for Inverter are generally spills the distill water. Its highly durable and sturdy plastic design makes the battery safe from humidity and other environmental issues. The batteries can be kept inside the trolley and Inverter or UPS can be placed on the top.