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Welcome to the Solar Panels store, Solar Panels or Photovoltaic Modules convert light into power, a series of small modules are connected in series to make up one PV. These PV panels produce DC power that is then used to charge Solar batteries or feed into Solar UPS, PCU, Ongrid, Offgrid, Hybrid Solar Inveters that feed directly into the Power Grid. Powerwale carries a wide range of Solar Photovoltaic options for every application under the sun: Residential Roof top system , commercial installations, off-grid, and RV solar, remote equipment,etc. Residential and commercial PV panels, are ISC certified panels. we carry in stock multiple sizes of panels from small 10 W panels for off-grid remote equipment to rooftop and groundmount 250 Watts and 300 Watts panels.​ Explore our wide selection of Solar PV. Buy from brands like Luminous, Exide, Microtek, Sukam. The Luminous is the Fastest Selling Solar PV Panels currently

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Assembly of cells are used to make up solar panels, also called solar modules. Modules or panels together putted constitute photovoltaic arrays. Photovoltaic cells are categorized based on the type of semiconductor material used to build them. The three main type of PV cells in use are mono-crystalline silicon; poly-crystalline silicon and thin films.

Before buying the best panels, make sure, you verify the below parameters for your Solar power plan or Solar grid or Solar applications

Efficiency and other Key Factors:
  • Mono-crystalline silicon: 12.5-15%
  • Poly-crystalline silicon: 11-14%
  • Pmax: The maximum power a solar module can produce.
  • Vpmax: The voltage at which maximum power is produced.
  • Ipmax: The current at which maximum power is produced.
  • Voc: The maximum possible voltage across the solar module when current is zero.
  • Isc: The maximum possible current flowing through the solar panel when no load is connected and voltage is zero.

PV modules are connected together in series making PV strings and strings are connected together, forming PV arrays. Powerwale deals only quality solar Panels for your solar grid at best Prices. You can buy for all the leading brand of like Luminous if you need powerwale assistance to select the panel on behalf you, you can emails us at with your locations details and we'll be glad to help you out!

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