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The Complete Solar Solutions from Luminous, Package consits of Solar Panels, Solar UPS and C10 Rated Solar batteries, which ideal for home, shops and offices Luminous Solar, Fastest Growing Company in India’s. Luminous Home Ranges-Solar Inverter starts from 500VA,850VA, 1500VA, 2000VA and above Luminous Solar Panels Capacities Available are 100W, 160W, 270W, 335W Solar Batteries Capacities Available are 100AH, 120AH, 150AH

All this power Loads like lights, fans, TV, mixer, small refrigerators on can run easily with Luminous solar power Powerwale Promotes Luminous products as they are affordable and service of products are very good from Luminous, they why not buy Luminous Solar from Powerwale, we offer very reasonable prices.

Most of the packages are under SPGS (Solar Power Generation System). Govt offer 5% GST on SPGS packages compare to 18% GST. So lets take a benefit of SPGS Packages, which includes Solar Panels, Solar UPS/Inverters, Solar Batteries for 5% GST!

All Luminous Solar Packages are sold at are 100% Genuine and come with the manufacturer's warranty.
Browse through our range of Luminous Solar systems, or talk to us with your requirements and we will help you with a customized solution, that too at the LOWEST prices.
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Luminous 10 KW On Grid Solar System

Luminous 10 KW On Grid Solar System

₹ 4,00,000.00

  • Capacity: 10000.0
Luminous 2 KW On Grid Solar System

Luminous 2 KW On Grid Solar System

₹ 1,69,000.00

  • Capacity: 2000.0
Luminous 3 KW On Grid Solar System

Luminous 3 KW On Grid Solar System

₹ 1,32,000.00

  • Capacity: 3000.0
Luminous 5 KW On Grid Solar System

Luminous 5 KW On Grid Solar System

₹ 2,07,000.00

  • Capacity: 5000.0
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Key Advantage of going for Luminous Solar Rooftop Home Solutions

1. Inbuilt protection from short-circuit, over-charge and deep discharge
2. Simultaneous charging from mains & solar with priority to solar
3. Battery charging commences at 110 Volt mains voltage
4. Flexibility to use different types of batteries
5. Inbuilt protection from reverse polarity & reverse current
6. Pure sine wave output from UPS Best in class conversion efficiency of solar panels