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Solar Off Grid Load Calculator

Difficulty in Desigining the Total Solar system for Home? No Problem, the below tool will help you to select the right Solar Battery, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters Required based on your Total Load, and also it will display the total full hour of backup you will get during Powercuts... Sit Relax, and enter your load, you will get the results....

Dont worry, if you have limited budget, You can decrease the count of the Solar panels, depending on your budget and in the future, you can able to add the solar panels to existing connection.

*For Running AC, Waterheater, Waterpump, we dont suggest to run on Solar, as the Solar system will cost 3-4 times higher than the normal one and requires high budget

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Solar Saving's
Total Power Requirements(W)
Monthy unit consumption :
Rate of electricity/unit 8*
Average Saving's per month :
Estd. Saving's for 10 Years :
Estd. Saving's for 25 Years :

1. Solar Inverter VA
Size (VA)                                   

2. Solar Battery AH
Exide Solar Battery AH :
Total No. of Battery in Parallel
Total No. of Battery in Series
Total No of Battery

In the Absence of Solar
Backup hrs during
Solar PV Model
No. of Panels Required
Selected Solar PV Module(w) 100

Powerwale Solar Battery Recommendations

Solar Battery Capacity Type Warranty Click Here to Buy
Exide 6sgl200 Solarton Gel Battery 200 AH
  • Sealed Battery
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Why to pay AMC, when this kind of battery available in India, Long run this much cheaper
60 Months Buy here
Exide 6sgl150 Solarton Gel Battery 150 AH
  • Sealed Battery
  • Maintenance free battery
  • Why to pay AMC, when this kind of battery available in India, Long run this much cheaper
60 Months Buy here
Exide 6LMS150L Solar battery 150 AH
  • Lead Acid Battery
  • Periodic Distilled water pouring is required
60 Months Buy here

Solar off grid Load Calculator

Solar Calculator is used to calculate the number of solar panels and batteries used for daily household usage. It's very easy to use. Solar Requirement Estimation software (Solar Calculator for Daily Use), will provide estimate to your office/home/commerical use This page will show the solar requirements like solar panel need, battery need, Solar hybrid ups needs from your input of daily watts use.

A Solar PV system consists of three major components - Solar PV Module, Battery, and an Solar Hybrid UPS.
  • The Solar PV Module generates electricity from sunlight;
  • this electricity is used to charge a battery through the charge controller, which in solar hybrid ups.
  • Electricity stored in the battery is in the form of Direct Current (DC) and needs to be converted into Alternating Current (AC) using the Solar hybrid ups to power regular household appliances such as light bulbs, Televisions, Computers etc
  • Appliances that run on DC can be directly connected to the battery without the need for an inverter.

  • Looking for the best Solar off grid for your Commerical, Residential,etc? Use our Solar Power Calculator it will show the right ups, batteries, panels required. If you have different set of requirement or your requirements or not matching, pls emails us:  sales@powerwale.com

    Powerwale does not endorse or guarantee the results of the above mentioned calculator. This free tool is only to get an estimation. For any doubts, please contact us.

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