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Solar Power System

India’s first Solar Power System multi-brand solar power store which offers genuine Solar batteries, Solar panels, Solar ups with bundle from all best brands with manufacturer's warranty.
Solar power kits is key of renewable energy system which uses solar panels to convert sunlight in to electricity. The electricity generated can be either stored in solar storage batteries or used it directly All this can be used in wide range of applications such as residence, office, shopping mall, industries, agriculture, etc.

Best solar power system consits of solar charge controller (In built with Solar Inverter/Solar Home UPS,) battery bank & Solar Panels
Functions of each components
  • Solar Panels or Solar PV modules – converts sunlight into DC electricity.
  • Solar charge controller – regulates the voltage and current coming from the PV panels going to
  • battery and prevents battery overcharging and prolongs the battery life.
  • Inverter – converts DC output of PV panels in to AC.
  • Battery – stores energy for supplying to electrical appliances when there is a demand.
  • Load – is electrical appliances that connected to solar PV system such as lights, radio, TV, computer, refrigerator, etc.
Do it yourself solar power systems should select proper components, based on your needs like sunlight and load as stated above.