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Exide Pure Sine Wave 1450Va 12V Home Ups

Exide Pure Sine Wave 1450Va 12V Home Ups
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  • Battery System  : 1 External Battery/Single Battery System/12V
  • Display              :  LCD & LED Display
  • Warranty           : 2 Years
  • Copper Transformer For More Life
  • Dual Output Sockets
  • Tri State of Charging
  • Meant for 3/4 BHK for Heavy Loads
  • Best Sellers for 3/4 BHK
  • Pure Sinewave Meant for Computers, Wifi Routers, High Sensitive Electronic Devices


Exide GQP 1450VA 12V Latest Model Features


  • Power ON/OFF Indicators including Battery Charging and Charged
  • Very fast change over time from Mains to UPS and vice versa
  • Reduces PCB size and Increase the reliability
  • 3 Battery Charging Modes which Includes 9Amps,11Amps, 13Amps
  • LCD Shows the status of Load percentage, battery voltage, AC Volts and Mains Cut off
  • Manual bypass Switch for mains input
  • Requires - Exide batteries for Inverter 12VAH 100-200AH Single battery 12V Based on Backup requirements
  • Suitable for Computers, Sensitive Devices like LED, LCD, etc
  • Comes with 24 Months Warranty
  • India Wide Support from Exide
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS
  • Requires External battery Flat or Tubular Battery
  • Single Phase Connection
  • Charger type: ASIC
  • Protection against Overload on Mains, Overload on Battery, Low battery Voltage and Short circut




Name  Exide GQP 1450VA Pure Sine Wave UPS
Battery Voltage (V)  12 V DC, Single Battery System
Inverter Type  Pure Sine Wave UPS
Capacity  1160 Watts (80% of 1450VA)
Warranty  24 Months
Charging Mode
Charging Current one mode  Normal Charging
Boost charging voltage 14.4V ± 0.2V
Trickle charging voltage 13.7V ± 0.2V
Charging technique Automatic charging selection technology
Changeover time inverter to mains  <=10msec*
Changeover time mains to inverter  <=10msec*
Input voltage range  180V to 265V ± 5V

Questions & Answer's (2) for EXIDE Pure Sine Wave 1450VA 12V Home UPS

Pradeep Kumar

Q:   Can I use Exide IT750 200Ah Battery in Exide 1450VA Pure sine wave home UPS

Powerwale Answer

Q:   can I use Exide IT750 OR IT500 Battery in Exide 1450 VA home UPS.

Powerwale Answer
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