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Exide Solar Charge Controller 12V 20 Amps

Exide Solar Charge Controller 12V 20 Amps
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  • Maximum up to 12V 350Watts Solar Panel Only
  • From Exide-Chloride
  • PWM


Exide Solar PWM Micro Controller based Charge Controller

Input Charge Current
(solar Charge current)

20 Amp maximum depending on model (Tolerance: ±5%)

Output Current Rating

20 Amp Maximum depending on model (Tolerance: ±5%)

Nominal Battery Voltage

12 / 24VDC Automatic recognition

Nominal PV Voltage

12 / 24VDC Automatic recognition

PV Open Circuit Voltage

44 VDC Maximum

Standby Power Consumption (self consumption)

Less than 5mA

Charge Algorithm

3 stage charge PWM

Boost Voltage

14.5/29 (±2%) at 25⁰C

Equalizing Voltage

14.8/29.6 (±2%) at 25⁰C

Float Voltage

13.7/27.4 (±2%) at 25⁰C


11.5/23 (±2%) at 25⁰C


12.5/23 (±2%) at 25⁰C


14.8/29.6(±2%) at 25⁰C

Temperature compensation


Dusk to dawn

On<3.5 Volt for 5 Min, /Off :> 4.5V Module Voltage (Available in Dusk to dawn controller only). If bat is connected into the without SPV module an error signal will be given by glowing SPV charging LED. The dusk to dawn controller is having features to prevent Battery from Deep discharge in case Module is stolen or wire is disconnected from controller. Thus during testing Modules must be connected into it.





Deep Discharge

The Load is automatically cut off from Battery one the Battery voltage reached LVD. This is done to protect the battery from deep discharge.

Overload protection

The Charge controller is having electronic over load protection, once the charge controller load is on the thresh hold of maximum limit top LED glows and signal to reduce load or else this protection automatically disconnect the load after a certain time delay.

Short circuit protection

If the Load terminal is short circuited the electronic protection automatically disconnect the load instantly.

Battery reverse Polarity

The electronic circuit is having protection for reverse polarity. (In this condition the voltage at load terminal will also be reverse and may be harm full to load)

SPV Module reverse connection

The electronic protection will prevent any current from SPV Modules & respective LED indication will not glow.


130x125x40 (all in mm)

Protection Class



200 gm (Max)

Specified Temperature Range

-20 to +50 ⁰C

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Q:   Which cotroler is required 20amp. Or 10 amp for 25watt solar panel and what is connection process

Powerwale Answer

Q:   If i use charge controller for existing normal inverter 850va with single battery 180ah. will the inverter & charge controller be connected together? Or single charge controller for battery & load? Will the load in home be directly connected through the charge controller?

Powerwale Answer
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